Pennsylvania Custody Explained

Legal Custody

When a parent has legal custody of their children, it means they are responsible for making decisions about the important things in their lives, such as what educational instruction they receive, their religious preferences, any important medical decisions, and where they go to school. When a couple is together, they usually jointly make these decisions, but upon separation either one or both parents can continue making these decisions.

The couples can jointly share legal custody or a parent can request sole legal custody, which would mean that parent would make all of these decisions and keep the other parent informed. The default option is usually shared legal custody. If parents frequently fight over decision making, one parent lives far away, or if one parent is abusive and neglectful, a court may find that is in the best interest for one parent to have sole legal custody.

Physical Custody

When you have physical custody of their children, it refers to which parent the children are residing with on a day to day basis. If parents choose to share physical time of their children, they can request “joint physical custody,” which means that each parent will have equal time with the children. Joint physical custody works in situations where parents live close to one another, so the children can move back and forth between their parents house and maintain their school and recreational activities.

If you have more than fifty percent of the physical custody time with their children, then this parent would receive primary physical custody and the other parent would receive partial physical custody. Situations where parents would choose this arrangement are where one parents lives further away. The partial custodial parent could request alternating weekend visits and a few weekday evening visit with their children.

If one parent has the children the majority of the time and would like to maintain this type of custody, this parent may be granted sole custody of the children. This is usually granted in situations where one parent is deemed unfit due to abuse or neglect.

Child Support

When parents separate they have an obligation to provide support on behalf of their children until the children are emancipated, which is until the children graduate from high school or reach the age of 18 years old, whichever occurs at a later date. Pennsylvania’s support guidelines are based upon the concept that the children of separated, divorced or never-married parents should receive the same proportion of parental income that she or he would have received if the parents lived together. A custody lawyer will help parents file for child support on behalf of their children.

The court will determine the amount of support to be paid based upon the custody schedule. Parents must additionally continue to pay any un-reimbursed expenses in proportion to their respective salaries. An experienced custody lawyer in child support can assist you in the process.

The Simulation Hypothesis: Evidence From Astronomy

If you agree that evidence is something that you can independently verify for yourself, then the following is evidence, albeit suggestive evidence, in favor of the Simulation Hypothesis. Be prepared to rethink everything you think you know.

The Simulation Hypothesis and Long Delayed Echoes

Long Delayed Echoes: Yet another software / computer-generated special effects related phenomenon could be the mystery of the LDE’s – Long Delayed Echoes. If you send off a radar pulse to the Moon say, you’d expect a return within a few seconds, not say a minute or an hour or a day later. If you did, an addition to the expected principal’s echo’s time interval, it would be a scientific anomaly of the highest order with the delayed echo having a decidedly unknown or uncertain origin. Well, such sporadic LDE’s have in fact happened starting in 1927 (through to the present) with no apparent consistency. It’s like sending a radar signal to the Moon at noon getting the expected few second echo and then another secondary echo one minute later; repeating the exercise at one pm with the principal few second delay echo received, but another unexpected delayed echo coming now five minutes later. In short, the phenomena is fleeting and non-repeatable and non-verifiable. Though various hypotheses have been suggested, none can adequately explain the sum total of LDE’s. An alien space probe (often termed a Bracewell probe) within our solar system is one of those hypotheses whereby the probe sends back a terrestrial radar/radio signal in order to attract attention to itself and therefore the existence of ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. Or again, perhaps it’s all in the software. Now I’m not making this LDE – sometimes termed Long-Delayed radar or radio Echo – phenomena up. It’s well documented in the scientific literature.

The Simulation Hypothesis and Transient Lunar Phenomena

Transient Lunar Phenomena: Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP) are absurd (but verified). The Moon is geologically dead and it has no atmosphere, so there just shouldn’t be sightings of mysterious lights and glows witnessed on the lunar surface. Sorry to say, TLP has been observed by both professional and amateur astronomers for yonks and while there are theories, the explanation(s) haven’t been pinned down. Perhaps another theory could reside in there being a simulated lunar landscape complete with intermittent lights and glows.

The Simulation Hypothesis and the Copernican Principle

The Copernican Principle basically states that Planet Earth and inhabitants therein are nothing special. There’s no reason to suggest that our Sun, solar system, home planet and all life forms therein are special in any shape manner or form. If you take all stars, all solar systems, all planets and all life forms in the Universe, we’d be pretty average. Now when put in the context of the Simulation Hypothesis, taking our terrestrial world as representing really real reality, we note that virtual realities, computer generated simulations, video / computer games, vastly outnumber the one and only really real reality. That discrepancy is increasing by leaps-and-bounds every day. So, our terrestrial world, that world that you believe is really real reality, violates the Copernican Principle because it’s not average. Dungeons-and-Dragons might be closer to the average landscape. Now go up one level and again there’s nothing special about Planet Earth as a simulated world since simulated worlds vastly outnumber the really real reality worlds.

The Simulation Hypothesis and Intelligent Design / Fine-Tuning

The apparent design behind and the resulting fine-tuning of the laws, principles and relationships of physics that translates into a bio-friendly cosmos is indeed compelling evidence that there is an intelligence behind it all, even if most of the cosmos is bio-unfriendly. However, rather than postulate a supernatural intelligence, I suggest the odds favour a flesh-and-blood intelligence, in fact a computer programmer that has designed a Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe, and we are part and parcel of that simulated landscape. That simulation would of course have to be fine-tuned to allow for a habitable albeit virtual landscape, in the exact same way as our video games are fine-tuned in order to make the game-playing logical in its depiction of ‘reality’. Design and fine-tuning might be an argument for intelligence, but it’s not of necessity an argument for God.

God is not the cause of our fine-tuned Universe because IMHO God or any other supernatural deity does not exist, but I do have a variation on the theme which would explain the fine-tuning. That variation is to replace an immortal and infallible supernatural deity with a fallible flesh-and-blood mortal software and computer programmer. Translated, we are virtual beings in a Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe. Now, if you are going to design a software program(s), that programming will have to be fine-tuned in order to achieve your objective. If you design a medical simulation for medical students to practice their skills on, you had better the bits and pieces right such that the medical students see the simulation as being fine-tuned to perfectly reflect medical reality and thus enable them to practice their skills with confidence. You don’t design the medical simulation and place the heart inside the head and have dingo kidneys programmed instead of human ones, etc. People who design our video games fine-tune the software or the program so that the entire gaming scenario is self-consistent not only for the player but also for the virtual characters. So, if some computer nerd designed our Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe, he’d be daft not to have fine-tuned it to create a consistent self-contained Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe. But, being fallible, he made a few oops, and those oops translate into many of the anomalies, perhaps also ‘miracles’ we observe in our virtual reality. What anomalies? Well they are too numerous to mention in there here-and-now but they tend to fall into the “It can’t be therefore it isn’t” versus the “I know what I saw” camp.

The Simulation Hypothesis and the Titius-Bode Law of Planetary Distances

Many of us are familiar with the ordering of the planets from nearest to farthest – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Then there is also the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Now there exists a mathematical relationship that apparently has no actual foundation in the realities of physical laws that to an amazing degree, tells you the average distances of those planets (and asteroid belt), That relationship is called the Titius-Bode Law of Planetary Distances. Here’s how it works. Take the sequence 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, and 768. You’ll note the constant doubling. Now add 4 to each number: 4, 7, 10, 16, 28, 52, 100, 196, 388, and 772. Now divide each number by 10: 0.4, 0.7, 1.0, 1.6, 2.8, 5.2, 10, 19.6, 38.8 and 77.2. Now one astronomical unit (AU) is the distance of the Earth from the Sun, and in astronomical units the other planets and the asteroids follow suit to a close approximation. So Mercury is 0.4 AU away from the Sun, Venus is 0.7 AU, Mars 1.6 AU, the asteroids roughly 2.8 AU, Jupiter 5.2 AU distant and so on and so on. Pluto is however slightly the odd one out here in that it has an extremely elliptical orbit that can be (and has) crossed the orbit of Neptune. But then again, Pluto isn’t really anymore considered to be a legitimate planet. Still, why is this Titius-Bode Law of Planetary Distances so? Who knows. It just works, that’s all. Maybe one could put it down to that’s what the software code programmed.

The Simulation Hypothesis and Solar Eclipses

If you take the entirety of all of the planetary abodes in our solar system, and all of the moons that orbit all of the planetary abodes in our solar system, when viewed from the parent body, no moon is just the right size and just the right distance as to produce a solar eclipse. Sorry, there’s one exception. Planet Earth and our Moon is that exception. Now what’s way more amazing is that Planet Earth is the only planet that’s inhabited by beings that can appreciate this spectacle. And we happen to be around at just the exactly perfect era when that Moon – Sun just-so match exists. That just-so match hasn’t always existed and it won’t always exist since the Moon is slowly receding from our home planet. So, do we have here a totally amazing coincidence or has someone / something simulated all of this?

The Simulation Hypothesis and Dark Matter / Dark Energy

There are other anomalies that physical sciences are having a hard time coming to terms with – that is, explaining them. For example, the concept of ‘dark matter’ must exist in order to explain the rotation and structure of galaxies. However, no one can see this ‘dark matter’. ‘Dark matter’ doesn’t interact with any part of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, yet it has gravity. There’s also about five times more ‘dark matter’ in the Universe than there is ordinary matter – ordinary matter is the kind of matter that has gravity and does interact with the EM spectrum, things like you and I and Planet Earth. “Dark matter’ has been in vogue for decades now, yet no one has a real clue what it is – if it is. Maybe it’s simulated.

Then there’s ‘dark energy’. If ordinary matter and ‘dark matter’ make up about a quarter of the mass/energy content of the Universe, ‘dark energy’ makes up the other 75%. And we haven’t the foggiest idea what ‘dark energy’ is. The apparent detection of ‘dark energy’ is over a decade old now. This concept has been introduced to explain why the expansion rate of our Universe is accelerating, contrary to all expectations (the expansion rate should be decelerating because of the Universe’s gravity). So ‘dark energy’ is apparently a kind of antigravity that’s stronger than ordinary gravity that nobody understands, not the least of which is that the expansion of space itself produces ever more ‘dark energy’, ‘dark energy’ being a property of space itself. More space means more ‘dark energy’. That’s like the concept of the ‘free lunch’ and since when can energy be created out of nothing? That’s a violation of the basic physics principle of the conservation of matter and energy. So, how weird is the concept of antigravity created out of nothing – just expanding space? Maybe ‘dark energy’ too is simulated.

Basically some 96% of the entire Universe consists of ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ and nobody has any idea what they are. They are at the present, just labels. The idea that this is all simulated makes about as much sense as anything any physicist has dreamed up to account of 96% of the cosmos. And of course if 96% is simulated, then no doubt 100% is – including you and I and Planet Earth.

Child Custody Showdown

A child is an inseparable part of the heart that brings in a new kind of shine into the lives of the parents. When a marriage fails due to uninvited circumstances the child also becomes a part of the painful journey of departing and goes through a mental trauma as well.

A child needs both her parents. No kind of negotiations can help in replacing the loss of breaking up of a family.

Then again a child needs the proper care and attention and guidance right from the childhood, through the adolescent years and all the way to the early adult life.

A child needs all the love and when they don’t get it, they resort to unfair means which later on turns into a regretful incident.

Here are a few reasons as to why a child Custody is a wise decision to make if you think you’re not happy with your marriage and your separation should not harm your child.

Here are a few ways how you can spare your child from the painful journey

1. Joint custody advantage

A joint custody is the friendly factor that keeps the family apart yet together. A joint custody is a good decision to bask upon as this gives the child the privilege of sharing a common bonding with both the parents. Though the parents don’t live together, the child still has the smidgen of happiness to get the love of both the parents and not be deprived of anyone’s absence. A joint custody enables a cordial relationship of the child with both the parents so as to not rip the child off his or her deserving happiness.

2. An essential Child Custody lawyer

Having a legal knowledge guiding any matter smoothens up the entire procedure to begin with. Having a child Custody lawyer would make the process of handing over or dividing the custody much faster and easier and hassle free. The child Custody lawyer would have the benefit of giving certain mediation rules that would make the entire situation much more comfortable for the child as well as the parents. A mutual agreement is concluded, deciding the visitation hours and the taking care needs and so on. If the paperwork is done effortlessly, the entire process gets done in a specific period of time.

3. Who wins the battle of custody takeover?

A divorce is never easy, but we can try and help to ease it out as much as possible. In this gruesome battle of custody, the primary care giver and the more responsible one is the more obvious choice to win over the custody of the child. The authority would never give over the caring of a child and the mentoring of a child to an irresponsible and unmindful person. So either of the parents who are more capable of carving a much secured future of the child is trusted with the responsibility. In case of joint custody, it is the rare case where the relationship did not work but it need not be that either of the parents was the unlikely responsible one. In that case the Custody is shared as there were issues in the marriage and not in the parenting part.

So as you can see, Divorce is not someone has in mind when they tie the knot.

But unlikely circumstances come when they’re least expected, right?

Tomorrow you might be a victim of such an event as well.

Hopefully this article will help you better in making those choices if it comes down to the child Custody issue and help you make the right choice for your child and for yourself.